What Toys Help The Brain Development Of Children?

Nov. 18, 2019

My friend's son, the brain is particularly clever, asking her what method she used to teach her son so smart. The friend said that there is no special way. She did not report any parent-child classes or remedial classes to her children, that is, let him simply play. Moreover, the toys she bought for her children are still very cheap, but he loves to play. Later, I learned that smart children, most of them have played the following toys, seemingly cheap, but developed well for the brain.

1, building blocks

Many parents use bricks as their first choice for children's educational toys. And the building blocks are not expensive, generally tens of dollars, a little better than one hundred to several hundred. However, for ordinary families, it is ok to buy a general price, but it must be a qualified product, which is good for the health of the child. Nowadays, various Magnetic Building Blocks have appeared on the market, which has aroused the fun of children.

The advantages of playing with blocks are: First, you can exercise your child's hands-on ability, and develop the touch of the child's hand, which is also good for the child's hand-eye coordination. Second, to stimulate the child's creativity and imagination, because the building blocks have different shapes, there are many kinds of things. By building, children can move their brains and promote brain development. Third, it helps to develop children's "space thinking", because the process of playing blocks requires children to study the structure and layout, which can help him master the shape of the object, identify the spatial orientation, and exercise the ability of space conversion, such as 3D Magnetic Building Blocks which can help children build space awareness very well.

3D Magnetic Building Blocks

3D Magnetic Building Blocks

2, the puzzle

Jigsaws are also very cheap, and children play from big to big, the size and number of puzzles are different, and the whole growth process of children can be played. In fact, it has a similar place with building blocks, that is, through the observation of the eyes, assembling the blocks, you can exercise the coordination of hand and eye. Moreover, the colorful colors and patterns of the puzzles are also helpful for exercising the memory of the child's brain. To a deeper level, the puzzle can also cultivate children's logical thinking ability, because a complete puzzle is composed of many parts. The relationship between "individual" and "all" is also the content of image logic. More importantly, it can cultivate the child's concentration, because to make intricate drawings, you must carefully find and filter the pattern, not a sloppy one. Therefore, when playing this toy, the spirit of the child should be highly concentrated, and the brain should seriously think.

3, painting board

Painting can teach children to identify colors, recognize surrounding objects, and improve their imagination and hand stability. Therefore, children who like to play with the drawing board since childhood, the brain looks more flexible.

It offers unlimited architectural possibilities for children: it comes in a variety of sizes, colours and connectors to suit your needs. Children can use colorful sticks to create many creative structures.

4, the magic wand is very suitable for exercising the child's brain: for children who do not go to school to give him a Preschool Toy Magic Wands, can develop his brain intelligence to a large extent; small building enthusiasts can learn to build houses with their own hands, they can Building your house with your own thoughts and thoughts. This is a great way to express yourself and fill your imagination with interesting shapes and curves. While encouraging children to use innovative thinking, giving children the opportunity to inspire their imagination and learning skills is a good motor skill and open game.

Parents, do your children love to play these educational toys?