What Are The Kids Who Really Play With Blocks?

Dec. 30, 2019

As the child grows older, parents will find that there are fewer and fewer toys that can attract the child. Every time he buys a toy for the child, he is the building block of choice. Obviously there are already a lot of building blocks at home. In fact, children love to play with building blocks is a good thing. Parents should be happy. After all, children who love to play with building blocks are very smart when they grow up. So today, Magnetic Blocks Supplier will come and talk with you about what the playing blocks are for children. It's good.

1. Improve intelligence

We all know that the types of building blocks on the market can be said to be varied, and there are all kinds of materials and models. In addition to ordinary ones, there are now Magnetic Building Blocks. Of course, the smaller the building blocks, the more difficult it is. The bigger it will be, the children will most like to challenge. The construction of small blocks is very difficult. During the construction process, the child not only needs to find a suitable one from a pile of parts, but also during the construction process, he also needs to perform 3D composition in the brain to complete a set. The building of the building blocks, so the brain is very exercised in this process, which is why the children who love building the building blocks are more intelligent.

Magnetic Building Blocks

Magnetic Building Blocks

2. Exercise hands

When the child builds the building blocks, he needs to complete it all by himself. If someone helps him by the side, it will also disrupt his thinking. Therefore, children who love to play building blocks will have a particularly strong hands-on ability. In addition to strong hands-on ability when playing with building blocks, in daily life, these children will also have more ideas, and can realize their own ideas through their hands-on ability, which is very powerful.

3. Training coordination ability

Although the child's physical coordination ability is gradually improved in the process of growing up, more hands will make the child's physical coordination ability better. Each piece of small building blocks is inserted into his finger joints. For children who play with building blocks for a long time, his fingers will be more flexible than ordinary children. In the process of playing, he also needs to use his eyes and brain. The combination of the three will make his coordination ability to a higher level. In addition, not only the building blocks, but also Preschool Toy Magic Wands can also exercise the child's hands-on ability accordingly.

4. Develop focus and patience

Most parents always feel that their children are not attentive to their work, especially when suffering, they have no patience to solve the problem. But this kind of situation will not happen for children who love to play with building blocks, because building blocks is a very exercise in concentration and can also train the child's patience. If he does not have a certain amount of patience and concentration, In the process, he will encounter many problems, and he will not experience the fun of building. Therefore, the child who loves building blocks will not have poor concentration and patience, which will be very beneficial to him in the future learning process.

5. Stay away from electronics

There are many electronic products nowadays, and many children can't resist the temptation of electronic products. This will not only lead to the decline of the child's performance, but also make him addicted, and it will also have a great impact on his vision. And those children who love to play with building blocks will stay away from electronic products, because in their world, building blocks is more fun than playing electronic products, and he can enjoy the fun brought by the results of his own building, so he loves playing with building blocks Children will automatically stay away from electronics.

It turns out that building blocks has so many benefits for children. If your child loves to play with blocks, then you are secretly having fun!