What are the Hazards of Inferior Building Blocks?

Feb. 03, 2020

The quality of wooden toys is good as dry wood, no mildew, smooth surface and firm assembly. What are the hazards of inferior building blocks? The following 3D Magnetic Building Blocks Supplier takes everyone to find the answer.


Buying wooden toys depends on the details. The design of wooden toys is very particular about safety. All sharp square corners and corners are changed to smooth rounded corners, which can fully avoid scratching children's skin. When you buy a wooden toy, you can see if there are sharp edges and burrs around each component. What are the dangers of poor quality building blocks? Don't miss the exciting content, please continue watching.

 Magnetic Blocks

Magnetic Blocks

The first thing to consider when buying building blocks is the issue of materials. Many of the cheaper materials are inferior plastic dyes, which are great harm to children's health. Some blocks have sharp edges and are particularly easy to scratch. So you must choose good quality to buy building blocks. Otherwise, it's the kids who suffer.


In large supermarkets, the building blocks are marked with finished materials, including the wood species used in the building blocks, the environmental protection certification of the surface spray painting, and precautions when playing. In the bulk market, the instructions for packing some low-cost building blocks are much simpler, and some do not even make any instructions. When you open a bucket of bricks, you can smell an obvious paint smell, grabbing a handful of bricks in the bucket, nail The surface color will come off after tapping.


The color of the surface of the building blocks is severe, and even the child's mouth becomes red. Such building block toys make many parents dare not play with their children. The quality of building block toys sold on the market varies, and some blocks have rough surfaces and serious discoloration that has caused many parents to worry. Experts said that the paint on the surface of inferior building blocks often has lead exceeding the standard, and children have multiple risks of lead poisoning due to long-term biting and playing.


Children can exercise the hand-eye coordination ability while constructing the building block project using their thinking. The building of toy building blocks is a careful and comprehensive work. A building requires dozens of building blocks to build it. Therefore, children are required to realize it carefully, carefully and firmly. In the joint construction activities, children can also form a good collective morality, and improve their artistic knowledge and skills in three-dimensional modeling.


Let the Magnetic Blocks Factory takes everyone together to enter a new topic: what are the dangers of children eating magnetic blocks by mistake? In fact, magnets are a useful thing for the human body. Seeing that many diseases can be solved by magnetic therapy now, and magnetic therapy is also a health therapy, because the magnet only emits a low-energy magnetic field, which is better than television. The electromagnetic field emitted by the appliance is much smaller, so it will not affect the child, so it is not a bad thing to say that the baby touches the magnet.


The magnetic building blocks are prone to perforation if they are swallowed by mistake. Therefore, it is not recommended for children to play. They must be at least 5 or 6 years old, be able to distinguish between toys and food, and do not put toys in their mouths.


The above is the harm of poor quality building blocks introduced by Magnetic Blocks supplier. Hope to help everyone.