What are the Educational Toys for 1 Year Old Children?

Mar. 09, 2020

When the child is one year old, some parents will buy some educational toys for their children, but there are many types of educational toys. What should I buy for a one year old child? What are the toys? Usually buy some puzzle-type textures and puzzle-type figures. Pay particular attention to the materials of these toys and avoid buying some toxic materials.

So what are the educational toys for 1-year-old children? The following Children Magnetic Blocks Factory will come to list some of them.

1. Ball

Ball children's educational toys, suitable for babies who can sit up and reach out for more than 7 months. Simple, fun and durable children's educational toys are the most suitable. It is very beneficial to effectively exercise its hand-eye coordination ability.

2. Plasticine, paintbrush, animal toys

Plasticine, paintbrushes, animals that pull away, children’s educational toys are characterized by being inspiring, grasping with their hands, not easy to break, doodle at will, creative drawing, pinching plasticine, and letting children grow up happily. 

3. Building blocks and cloth books

Finally, we must not lack Brain Development Toy Magnetic Blocks and cloth books. For children over six months, the various actions applicable to children begin to appear intentional, and they can sit independently and crawl freely. The movement of the body expands the scope of the baby's exploration. At this time, you can choose a variety of drag toys, music ropes, hammer drums, building blocks, etc. For cloth, the cloth book is a good choice. The building blocks are also the same. Letting your baby learn to build blocks is very intellectual, but when children play with building blocks, they must be accompanied by an adult.

Brain Development Toy Magnetic Blocks

Brain Development Toy Magnetic Blocks

Above we introduced toys suitable for 1-year-old children. In fact, 1-year-old children are still young and do not know how to play with toys. They are only interested in good-looking and vocal toys, so you should buy some of these toys. The right toys for children at different stages are also different. Parents should choose their children based on their age and hobbies.

⒈Look at the packaging.

Genuine creative toys are well packed. Packaging should be impeccable whether it is sealed or printed.

⒉Look at the price.

If you are shopping online, the pictures provided by everyone are similar, depending on the price. The original and genuine prices will not be too cheap, there is a saying since ancient times, one cent for one cent.

⒊About tail goods.

Many people like to buy tail goods and find them inexpensive. However, the technological content of creative toys is either very high or very low, so bulk and tail goods are rarely common. Many tail goods are actually imitation goods or copy orders.

4. Understand your baby's interests

Not all female babies like Barbie dolls, and not all male babies like aircraft tanks. Parents should bring their baby with them when purchasing toys, observe which toys attract their attention, and then choose the favorite one.

5. Buy more educational toys

Parents should be familiar with the baby's mental development at different ages. When purchasing toys, they should give priority to the intellectual development function of the toy, and should be slightly ahead of the baby's development progress, which will help speed up the baby's intellectual development.

5. Avoid sharp toys that are too small

Sharp or too small toys have a greater risk factor for children. Children have weak grasping ability. Such toys will cause children's safety hazards, causing children to be injured or swallowed.

The above are the toys suitable for one year old baby introduced by Safe Large Magnetic Rods Manufacturer.