What Are The Benefits Of Children Playing With Blocks?

Jul. 24, 2020

What are the advantages of children playing with magnetic building blocks? Building blocks are a very common children's toy, and many children like to play with building blocks. There are many benefits for children to play with blocks. Parents should encourage children to play with blocks. So, what are the benefits of children playing with blocks?

Understanding geometry starts here

The building block set is composed of building blocks of various shapes and sizes. Here is the beginning of the baby's understanding of geometry and the beginning of the baby's understanding of the world. Standard bricks have a certain size and proportion. During the process of playing with them, babies can perceive the different shapes, proportions, sizes, thickness, height, length, etc. of the bricks.

Here is the sky where the baby's imagination soars

The small building blocks are like Chinese characters. At first glance, they are not special, but when combined, they will become wonderful articles and touching words, and the building blocks will become pavilions, dream palaces. Before building the building blocks, children must first conceive the final appearance, and think about what kind of blocks to choose to realize the project they conceived. Building block toys are a good exercise for children's imagination, structural thinking, and modeling ability, and can develop children's spatial perception, creativity, play children's organization and understanding, enhance endurance and interest in building science. Therefore, building blocks can provide children with a broad world of imagination, can effectively promote the development of children's creative thinking, and cultivate children's creative ability.

This is the concert hall where hand-eye-brain coordination is played

Children will be able to exercise their hand-eye coordination skills while building the building block project and using their thinking. The construction of building block toys is a meticulous and comprehensive work. A building requires dozens of building blocks to build. Therefore, children are required to be serious, careful and determined to realize it. In the joint construction activities, children can also form a good collective morality and improve their artistic knowledge and skills in three-dimensional modeling.

Here is the palace of rational thinking

In the process of playing with building blocks, children's mathematical reasoning ability and logical thinking ability can also be cultivated. Building block toys of comparable difficulty can also help develop children's patience for work and study. Generally speaking, most of the building block toys are composed of simple squares and rectangles, and children will get bored in a day. But if children take building block games seriously, they can actually repeat new tricks. Children can keep repeating work or hands-on, and they can build large toy models, which can easily give them a sense of accomplishment. In fact, many jobs of adults are constantly repeating some simple actions or ways of thinking, and then creating complex and changeable labor results. The work of computer programming is not much different from playing with blocks.

It is also beneficial to language and social skills

When children build building blocks together, they often need to communicate and coordinate ideas. For example, expressing the idea of building blocks, wanting to exchange blocks with others, etc., all need language support. Therefore, playing with building blocks is also a good opportunity for language and social development.

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