How Can You Play With The 5 Types Of Classic Blocks?

Jul. 30, 2020

Building block toys have a great effect on children’s intellectual development, and it is also a way to improve children’s hand-eye coordination. There are many ways to play building block toys, which can be arranged, joined, circular, and symmetrical, which are helpful to children’s intelligence. It is important to allow children to participate in issues such as proportions and symmetry when playing toy building blocks, which is of great significance for the early training of children's arithmetic. Let's take a look at the following three children's building block toys with the supplier of magnetic blocks.

1. Find graphics + graphics combination + shape

First teach your children to recognize basic shapes such as circles, semicircles, triangles, rectangles, etc. Then you tell them to find the shapes, and you can also compete with your children to see who can find them quickly and accurately. Next, teach him to use two identical rectangles or triangles to form a square, and two semicircles to form a circle. Finally, you can put out various things in life with building blocks. This type of game allows children to understand the relationship between geometric figures and graphic combinations, and can also cultivate children's observation and memory.

2. Heap of numbers + mathematical operations

Prepare a set of blocks with numbers (or stick numbers on the blocks). Parents first code several blocks according to the numbers on the building blocks from small to large, and then ask the child to put the corresponding blocks on top according to the next number. If you misplaced or knocked over the original coded blocks during the placement process, you lose. You can also use number blocks to perform simple mathematical operations. This type of game can help children understand the relationship between numbers and carry out mathematics enlightenment.

3. Playing bowling + dominoes

Arrange the blocks into a triangle first, then let the child leave a distance, take a ball and roll it towards the block, knocking the block down. As the child's ability increases, the distance can be gradually increased. This game requires children to have a sense of direction.

Dominoes require the building blocks to be arranged in a certain way and then knocked down to enjoy the interesting scene of the building blocks falling in order. During the placement process, children need to accurately judge the spatial distance.

This type of game exercises physical coordination, fine hand movements and concentration.

4. Build a house + build a bridge

Building blocks embody many mechanics principles. For example, building blocks of different sizes have different stability, and good stability is not easy to collapse. Put a small triangle on the built house and the roof will not fall down, if you put a big triangle on it, it may collapse. Another example is the symmetrical structure of the house.

To build a small bridge, you need to teach your children to arrange the square building blocks side by side at a certain interval as the bridge piers, leaving a distance in the middle to represent the bridge hole, and then put the long building blocks on it as the bridge. The bridge must have a certain slope so that people or cars can walk on it. Children may use triangular building blocks to build two gentle slopes, and they need to think about the appropriate slope.

How Can You Play With The 5 Types Of Classic Blocks?cid=3

This type of game allows children to understand simple architectural principles, begin to realize the relationship between balance and symmetry, and learn methods such as comparison, contrast, and summarizing experience, and cultivate scientific thinking.

5. Classification of graphic objects + storytelling

Prepare a set of building blocks with graphics (or paste the graphics yourself), let the children classify according to certain love mirrors, such as animals, furniture, weather, etc., to train the children's ability to summarize and summarize.

If the building blocks can be assembled, it is better. Teach the children to assemble the building blocks according to their wishes, and then use words to tell the family story. Parents can make up stories with their children. This game can give play to children's imagination and cultivate language skills.

With these classic games, parents have learned that they can play with their babies.

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