Recommended Reason For Magnetic Toys!

Sep. 08, 2020

Magnetic Rod Building Toys have always been a favorite of mothers. Every time a group is opened, it is a fire. It can be seen that children love these toys, and moms have great eyes.

Magnetic toys are all open. On the one hand, children can use their imagination to their fullest. On the other hand, there are unlimited ways to play with open toys. Mothers don’t have to worry that their children will not love them after playing for a while. And magnetic force seems to be magical, sticking and dismantling, sticking and dismantling, you can also stick on the refrigerator at home, how can children not love it.

There are too many recommendations for Magnetic Building Blocks Puzzle Toy:

Magnetic Rod Building Toys

Magnetic Rod Building Toys

Compared with fixed-shaped magnetic sheets on the market, children's magnetic building blocks not only allow children to learn magnetism, direction, and color, but also allow children to learn structures and recognize geometric spaces from points, lines, surfaces to three-dimensional;

The magnetic force is strong, you can use the repulsion to push the magnetic strip and the ball away, or you can suck them up like fishing. Cooperate with the connection module to build a stable structure;

Friendly, all parts are larger than 3cm in diameter, there is no risk of swallowing; ultrasonic welding technology, anti-drop and wear-resistant, the magnetic parts are hidden inside the toy, there is no risk of falling.

Exquisite workmanship, large parts, but light weight, the heaviest part is only 35g, easy for children to grasp;

The "magic" design of the magnetic rod and magnetic ball with the tunnel allows the small ball to pass through the tunnel over and over again, without stopping at all;

The open design, children from more than one year old to adults will be fascinated by it, with zero negative reviews. Many parents of buyers play super high by themselves, and they are not addicted to the lack of parts, and they also purchase additional combinations

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