Do Magnetic Building Blocks Affect Children's Nervous System?

Feb. 17, 2020

Before buying a toy, parents should learn more about the safety of toys in order to choose toys that meet the specifications. Do magnetic blocks affect the nervous system of children? The following Plastic Buildings Toys Supplier will tell you.

The magnetic building blocks can be combined into a variety of 2D and 3D shapes according to your baby's creativity. Common are cubes, spheres, triangles, ferris wheels, cars, castles, robots, turtles, dinosaurs, trucks, optimus Prime, starfish and other countless shapes, which are of great help to develop the baby's intelligence and cultivate spatial thinking. Do magnetic building blocks affect children's nervous system? Let's look at the breakdown below.

Children can exercise the hand-eye coordination ability while constructing the building block project using their thinking. The building of toy building blocks is a careful and comprehensive work. A building requires dozens of building blocks to build it. Therefore, children are required to realize it carefully, carefully and firmly. In the joint construction activities, children can also form a good collective morality, and improve their artistic knowledge and skills in three-dimensional modeling.

Magnetic objects do not emit radiation. Some heavy metals, such as radium and cesium, emit radiation. Of course, this kind of things are not visible to ordinary people. Things like magnets are just that the atoms in them are arranged in two. They change when they are close to each other and attract them together. It is not harmful to the human body. Don’t listen to what others say is radiation. It is pure nonsense. They may not know what radiation means! There is radiation everywhere, everything from computers, televisions, mobile phones, microwave ovens, etc., has radiation. Everything in nature, as long as the temperature is above zero, will continuously transmit heat as electromagnetic waves. This method of transmitting energy is called radiation. Magnetic Blocks is a new type of children's toy, so parents are advised to understand its play and style before buying. At present, the magnetic sheet building blocks on the market can be assembled by six simple methods: pull up, roll, surround, fold, combine, and deform to let children quickly assemble their favorite shapes.

Magnetic Blocks

Magnetic Blocks

According to Clear Magnetic 3D Building Blocks Supplier, magnetic blocks will not affect children's nervous system, but parents are still advised not to let young children play magnetic toys for a long time, because they are afraid that children accidentally eat magnetic balls and magnetic toys, causing injury . The second child does not have a strong sense of hygiene. After eating, he eats without washing his hands, etc. Over time, lead will accumulate, and lead will easily cause various diseases.