Benefits of magnetic Building Blocks Toys for Toddlers and Kids

Sep. 15, 2020

The game process of building Magnetic Blocks are a powerful learning tool for kids as it helps improve their mental and physical skills. Their multiple intelligence is developed while they enjoy playing this toy. The following are just some of the wonderful benefits your kids can get even at an early age.

1. Language development

Apart from flashcards, magnetic blocks are also a great preschool learning tool for your kids’ language development. During playtime, while building shapes and objects, you can start introducing them the alphabet. You can also give a little demonstration to teach them the proper way of pronouncing each letter so that they can recognize letters through their respective sounds. Identifying letters and sounds are an important thing they need to acquire a young age to help them develop their vocabulary and reading skills. Also, for younger children, like toddlers, playing magnetic blocks helps them to respond to sounds, words, and gesture.

2. Increase creativity

Magnetic Building Blocks are effective to promote kids’ creativity because it invites children to create and use their imaginations to build. Even at a young age, your kids have terrific imagination and it triggers when they are curious about new things.

Magnetic blocks promote creativity because endless shapes and objects are possible to construct. They can make whatever concepts they wish to assemble since most of the sets do come with specific instruction.

Coupled with fun outdoor activities such as hiking and camping, magnetic toy blocks help to improve children’s creativity.

Magnetic Building Blocks

Magnetic Building Blocks

3. Promotes thinking and problem-solving skills

Your kids’ mathematics intelligence enhances because Magnetic Blocks For Kids come with different shapes—the most basic concept in mathematics. You can teach your toddlers about alphabets, shape, size, numbers, and even colors and patterns from the magnetic building blocks.

When your kids play magnetic block, they have to solve one problem: how to realize the concept they have in mind. For example, if they want to create a house, looking at the pieces might be impossible. But once they figure out how to do it (with your minimal supervision), they would start putting each block together until they are able to construct a house. The problem tested their ability to solve problems effectively and efficiently.

4. Promotes social skills

Cultivating your children’s social skills are essential for them to learn how to deal with other people. Although this toy can be assembled solo, playing with other kids is a lot more fun. As they share and build things together, the activity teaches them to interact and connect with others. As a result, they become friendlier and more empathetic.

5. Promotes motoric skills

A simple way to help develop the motoric skills of toddlers and children is by building blocks. As they play, the actions they do such as picking up blocks and building them helps to exercise their gross motor and fine motor muscles with toys.

For toddlers, this helps them to learn how to grasp and pick things up.

6. Color recognition and Visual-Spatial Reasoning

Magnetic blocks are attractive to your kids’ eyes because of the bright colors such as: blue, green, red, purple, pink, and yellow. If they are just starting to recognize colors, you can incorporate these during your study time. Ask them to recite each color as they construct objects and shapes. You can also instruct them to sort out each piece according to their specific colors. They won’t notice you are already teaching them because they are having fun. Magnetic blocks enable your children to create three-dimensional shapes and objects. 3D objects provide curiosity and interest to them because these are more sophisticated to construct. 3D-making activity goes beyond imagination but enhances their spatial intelligence.