Magnetic Building Blocks Create Infinite Possibilities

Oct. 09, 2020

In South Korea, more than 400 primary and secondary schools apply magnetic films to teaching systems such as mathematics and physics, and use them directly as teaching aids. It is incorporated into its teaching system by the world-renowned early childhood education institution GYMBOREE (Golden Baby) as a teaching course for preschool children's education. What kind of magic power does the Magnetic Block have that can make children lose interest in electronic products and start to swing?

1. Variety of shapes, give full play to children's imagination and creativity.

Childhood is the most eager and curious age in life. A set of toys can have infinite possibilities and thousands of changes. This is fatal to the attraction of children.

One big difference between the Magnetic Sheet and the building blocks and Lego is that the magnetic sheet can be used for various lifting. This is a process that allows children to witness the endless changes from flat to three-dimensional. In this process, the child's hands-on ability can also be exercised.

Although the shape can be varied, it is actually very easy for children to get started. Putting two magnetic pieces together is a shape, and it is easy for babies to feel the sense of accomplishment, and another advantage of magnetic pieces is that they will never fall apart, and they will not fall apart like building blocks.

2. Although toys are small, they exercise spatial and mathematical thinking skills

When children construct a plane figure, they must first consider the final three-dimensional structure, which can effectively exercise their spatial thinking ability. The magnetic film can be assembled with various mathematics graphics. Knowing numbers and graphics while playing is the simplest and most effective way of mathematics enlightenment.

The more often children come into contact with concrete figures and graphics in their lives, and get timely inspiration, the more they have the ability to go from concrete to abstract.

Magnetic Building Blocks

Magnetic Building Blocks

3. Super long life span, a magic toy from a few years old to a teenager

Magnetic Building Blocks are known as the lowest barriers to construction game materials. Just pick up a few magnetic building blocks and you can easily shape them. Children of one or two years old can start playing, and they are easy to play.

And teenagers can challenge to play this set of toys to a superb level, and even many adults are tirelessly studying the way of playing magnetic blocks, splicing many magical shapes.

A set of toys has been played for so many years, how do you think it is worth it?

4. Convenient storage, baby is happy, mother is more worry-free

The ever-changing magnetic film will not only make children tired, but the most worrying thing for mothers is that dozens of magnetic films are taken apart and stacked together and take up no space.