Will Magnetic Building Blocks Become The Next Lego?

Aug. 15, 2020

As parents, they like live toys like magnetic building blocks. Of course it’s not utilitarian because it will help the child’s future math and geometry learning, but because it does meet the child’s sensory needs in all sensitive and critical periods, so the child likes it and keeps it for a long time. Sticky.

The bright colors of the Magnetic Blocksare very attractive to children. The hollow design is convenient for children to grasp and satisfy children's exploration of space. The random position change of each toy room due to the magnetic force makes children curiously study and exercise their hands. Ministry strength.

Many children play with magnetic films at the age of 2-4 years old, which is the critical period for shape perception and also the critical period for the development of imagination and attention. The magnetic films use three simple standard patterns of squares, triangles and hexagons. , To construct a variety of three-dimensional images, which satisfies the children's desire for exploration in this period.

The characteristic of this set of toys is that it can be played for a long time. If you want to ask how old your children can play, you can only say that dads are also very playful. Of course, as a parent-child game, I think there is no problem playing it to the early school age.

magnetic building blocks

Magnetic Building Blocks

Comparison of magnetic bricks and Lego

Lego is also one of children's favorite toys. The two sets of toys have their own characteristics. A simple comparison:

1.Lego is a toy for children and adults. We all feel that when playing Lego, adults, especially dads, are better at using simple particles to build amazing images. The magnetic film is more focused on children's toys, bright colors, simple geometric figures, crackling and sucking together, you can build a very dazzling work.

2. The disassembly and assembly of Lego pellets is sometimes not very suitable for a baby's hand, which will make it very painful; the hollow design of the magnetic sheet is easier to grasp and disassemble.

3. The hollow design allows children to explore more space construction. Including its squares, triangles, and hexagons, it can help children with figure cognition.

4. The most interesting part of magnetic building blocks is magnetism, which makes its construction more random than Lego, and it is dynamic and has more ways to play. In the process of building, even a simple cube needs to be supported by the mutual adsorption between the magnetic sheets. Children will find it particularly challenging and discovering.

Two points of buying advice

First, if the family has a male treasure, it is recommended to buy the first set with wheels. Because it is very likely that your child's exploration of magnetic films started by building various vehicles, tanks, and cannons.

Second, if you only buy one set, it is recommended to buy more pieces. Because children's imagination is bursting, after they build a work, they may not tear it down, but constantly add new parts to it.

Finally, remind everyone to try to buy genuine. Not to mention the color of the material, the original is the standard size, and it can be compatible when restocking in the future. If necessary, please contact the Magnetic Block Supplier.