What to consider when buying magnetic blocks?

Sep. 22, 2020

Before you rush yourself into buying, there are things you need to take into consideration. The Magnetic Blocks Supplier tells us,to pick the best magnetic blocks, here are some factors you should look into:

1. Durability of the blocks

You have to make sure that your magnetic blocks won’t tear into pieces when your children throw these away during tantrum moments or when they are very enthusiast while playing. Check also the interlocking magnets attached to each block if these are highly functional. Remember that blocks cannot be played on without a magnet. Make sure the magnets they use are strong and highly resistant. This will help you to keep them longer and preventing you to keep buying a new one.

2. Types of magnetic building blocks

There are different types of blocks available in the market but when buying, always choose those that are flexible enough to enable your children’s creativity. Also, look for blocks with letters or numbers attached so that you can incorporate lecture time while they are playing. You should also consider the color options. Buy those that are multi-colored so that they will not get bored of a single color. Lastly, consider the edges of each block. Never buy tiles which are sharp. Remember that your kids’ skin is very delicate so even not-so-sharp objects can cut them.

3. Magnetic Blocks Material and size

If you are looking for plastic magnetic blocks, make sure the material is hazard free and doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals. Plastic magnetic blocks are easier to clean than the wood one. Great safe toys are also shatterproof. You also have to remember that blocks size also matters. Pick the right size so it will fit your kid’s hand. This will make them feel comfortable to hold and play with the blocks.

Magnetic Building Blocks

Magnetic Building Blocks

4. Age

When choosing the types of blocks, also consider your kids’ age. Never go with tiles in which your children can swallow it that might put them at risk. For toddlers above three years old, choose larger blocks. Always choose the appropriate size for them since different blocks are created for different age brackets.

5. Number of pieces

The higher the number of pieces available, the more ideas your kids can think of. Select the magnetic blocks set which has at least 60 pieces. Less than that, their creativity will be limited.

6. Child-Friendly Magnetic Building Blocks

Safe toys for children should be well made. Sharp edges block and splinters are dangerous for children because they can accidentally cut themselves while playing. Look for soft edge’s magnetic blocks and the lightweight blocks because they are child-friendly. Check your children’s toys frequently to make sure they are in good condition.

Magnetic blocks are fun and engaging toys to play with. But what’s good about those fantastic tiles is that it helps your kids’ development. When teaching them, go away with traditional because there’s a lot of good learning tools you can use as an alternative way to educate them even while they are playing.