Is The Magnetic Building Block Toy Radiation?

Nov. 07, 2019

The hidden dangers of magnetic toys are not small. Consumers should be cautious when purchasing. Is the magnetic building block toy radiation? Next, the Family Toys Magnetic Blocks manufacturer will give you a good idea.

What is magnetic building block? It is based on the original wooden blocks. The magnetic building blocks developed to solve the problem of children's construction process are easy to fall, not high, and are magnetic around the building blocks. It is very suitable for the construction of kindergarten children. Children can use their imagination and creation as much as possible to construct a variety of things.

Magnetic Building Blocks

Magnetic Building Blocks

So is the Magnetic Building Blocks toy radiating? The magnetic piece toy is not radiated, because the magnetic object emits no radiation, and something like heavy metal such as radium will emit radiation. Of course, this kind of thing is generally not visible to people. However, the atomic arrangement in them changes when they are close together, so they attract each other. There is no harm to the human body. Don’t listen to what others say about radiation. It’s pure nonsense. Maybe they don’t know what radiation is. In fact, the place where we live is radiated everywhere. Everything in computer TV mobile phones, microwave ovens, etc., has radiation. Everything in nature, as long as the temperature is above zero, it is in the form of electromagnetic waves. The heat is transmitted non-stop, and this way of transmitting energy is called radiation. So magnetic building blocks have a large radiation? Magnetic building blocks have no radiation, so you can dispel this concern and use it with your children.

The little building blocks are like Chinese characters. They are not special at first, but when combined, they will become wonderful articles, touching words, and the building blocks are pavilions and dream palaces. Children should first conceive the final appearance before building the building blocks. They must think about what kind of wooden blocks to choose to realize the project they conceived. The building blocks toy is a good exercise for children's imagination, structural thinking, and styling ability, and can develop children's spatial perception, creativity, play the children's organizational strength and understanding, enhance endurance and interest in architectural science. Therefore, building blocks can provide children with a vast space to imagine, which can effectively promote children's creative thinking development and cultivate children's creative ability.

Building block toys are intimate companions for children's games and an important teaching aid for children. It is conducive to the overall development of children's mind and body. Playing middle school is the most effective for young children. If a child lacks the experience of playing blocks, it will be a great pity.

The above is our science for the radiation of magnetic building blocks toys, I hope to help everyone, I hope you can consider the magnetic building blocks when you buy building blocks toys in the future, if you are interested in magnetic building blocks, you can contact us, we can provide you with There are many types of magnetic building blocks. In addition, we also have Magic Wands for Primary Students and other products that are beneficial to the development of children's intelligence. We are professional in providing toys that develop children's intelligence, and we are sure to meet your needs. You are welcome to come and buy.