How To Develop Newborn Intelligence?

Dec. 17, 2019

The sooner your baby's intelligence develops, the better. From the baby's birth, you can consciously develop your baby's intelligence. Of course, the early development of children's intelligence is not that parents encourage and instill inadequate books. For babies born shortly, developing their intelligence lies in creating a beautiful environment for developing their intelligence. This should be an atmosphere of color, music, shape, and communication. Rich color, music, shape, communication and other stimulation can effectively promote the development of baby's intelligence. Therefore, parents should create a good environment for the development of your baby's intelligence and develop the baby's intelligence as soon as possible.

So what should be done specifically? The following Magnetic Blocks Supplier will tell you.

1. Color

Color is closely related to baby's intellectual development. Studies have shown that babies who grow up in yellow, orange, light blue, light green and other color environments have a much higher IQ than babies living in a dim, depressed black and gray environment, with an average of about 14 higher. And babies living in the former environment have significantly better imagination and creativity than those living in the latter environment. Psychological studies have shown that newborns half a month old have an initial ability to recognize colors and can respond to different colors.

When the newborn wakes up, he opens his eyes and looks around. Colorful pictures and hanging pictures should be set up in the room. The hanging pictures can be placed 20 cm away from the baby's eyes on the right side of the bed rail, and the pictures should be changed every 3 to 4 days. Parents can observe the time when the baby looks at the new picture. Generally, the little baby looks at the novelty for a long time and the familiar picture is short.

2. Shape

Arranging the rooms to have a sense of layers and space, but not to appear cluttered, which requires a certain degree of artistry. In addition to the daily tables, chairs, beds, clothing cups and trays, you can properly hang some colorful balloons, blown balls, small lanterns, and colorful rotating toys that can make a pleasant sound in the baby's room for your baby to see and listen. The variety of hanging toys can be diversified, and the variety and position are often changed. The hanging height is about 30 cm. You can also buy toys such as Magnetic Building Blocks for young children from the beginning, which can develop children's intelligence and increase spatial imagination.

Magnetic Building Blocks

Magnetic Building Blocks

3. Music

People are born with a gift for music, and everyone can develop musical intelligence. In the baby's childhood, beautiful, moderate volume of music to incubate it is conducive to the development of baby's music intelligence. Bringing the baby into the world of sounds earlier, giving the newborn a vocal environment, and letting him gradually distinguish between different sounds, is very good for him to understand the world and intellectual development. Every day's sounds, such as walking sounds, door opening sounds, water sounds, cooking sounds, talking sounds and other neutral sounds, can be heard by babies. But the sound should not be too loud and irritating.

Appropriately play first-class music works for babies, European classical music, such as Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, etc.; excellent Chinese classical music, such as "Liang Zhu", "Spring River Moonlight Night" "" Mountain Flowing. " It is best to choose those melodious and soothing works.

The above is the method for developing children's intelligence. Toys are not just toys for children, but a good helper for developing intelligence. For children, different toys are required at different times. For example, Preschool Toy Magic Wands is suitable for children 3-4 years old. Parents Need to buy different toys to develop children's intelligence according to their age.