How Old Can Children Play With Magnetic Blocks?

Jan. 06, 2020

Children's toys must not contain heavy metals, which can affect intellectual development and cause learning disabilities. So how old can children play with magnetic blocks? Let’s take a look with the Children Magnetic Blocks Factory.

Generally babies can play when they consciously play with toys. But when you are young, you have to choose a large piece for your baby to play, it is not easy to eat into the mouth. By the age of three, it was usually fine. The following details please study carefully.

Two points to buy magnetic building blocks:

1. If the family has a male treasure, then it is recommended to buy the first set with wheels. Because it is very likely that your child's exploration of magnetic films begins with the construction of various cars, chariots, and cannons. Boys Magnetic Blocks can be purchased directly.

2, if only one set, it is recommended to enter a larger number of pieces. Because the children's imagination is bursting, they may not remove it after building a work, but continue to add new parts.

Magnetic Buildings Blocks

Magnetic Buildings Blocks

Magnetic Buildings Blocks have no direct harm, but parents are still advised not to let their children play magnetic toys for a long time, because they are afraid that children accidentally ingest magnetic balls and magnetic toys and cause injury. The second child does not have a strong sense of hygiene. After eating, he eats without washing his hands, etc. Over time, lead will accumulate, and lead will easily cause various diseases. In addition, children's toys are best to choose trusted brands. Buy toys in regular supermarkets and shopping malls, pay attention to the national compulsory product certification mark, see the product name, manufacturer information, main materials or ingredients, and manufacturers with a bad age will use toxic pigments or formaldehyde levels that exceed the standard. Infants' brains and other defects.

Magnetic film is not a solid product, such as mobile phones, computers, etc., have specific configurations, CPU, memory, screen, etc. Magnetic film toys are composed of many different magnetic films and accessories, including square, triangle, rectangle, trapezoid, diamond, fan, etc. With these basic shapes, you can spell countless wonderful shapes, thereby training your child's modeling thinking and creative ability.

The magnetic building blocks are really good for the baby's intellectual development, and the child's hands-on ability is also strong. The most important thing is that the child has his own ideas. This magnetic film can indeed stimulate children's creativity and imagination. It is magnetic and unlike traditional building blocks, it is easy to lose! The magical magnetic film of my child ’s play is fine and the most important One thing is that there is no odor, and the material is very good, and the child loves it. Every baby has a toy, and magnetic films can meet the developmental thinking of children aged 1-13, and accompany the children through a wonderful childhood!