How Can Parents Use Building Blocks?

Aug. 31, 2020

I learned from the Plastic building blocks toys Supplier that when children are at an appropriate age, they begin to use their immense curiosity and imagination. At this time, mothers should choose a suitable building block toy for their children. Building block toys are the best early education toys for training children's intelligence. It provides more opportunities to use their imagination and creativity. Before putting together, children must think about what they will build, observe and think about what kind of blocks to choose to reflect the image they have conceived. Therefore, it is a good exercise for children's imagination, structural thinking, and modeling ability. It can develop children's space perception, creativity, play to children's organization and understanding, enhance endurance and interest in architectural science.

1. Playing with Magnetic Building Blocks with children: Research shows that when someone shows children how to build blocks, children will learn more from the block game, and they can also learn the corresponding spatial concepts from the space structure demonstrated by adults .

2. Encourage children to work together to build building blocks: Building building blocks is usually a "stepping brick" for communication between strange children.

3. Set some specific tasks for children as challenges: free-wheeling building block games are very important, but, as we have already seen, children can also gain a lot in "reproducing the design they see". For example, pictures can be used to inspire or guide architectural projects.

4. To stimulate interest in building blocks by providing children with role toys and other accessories: Inspiration from experiments on children's language skills: Researchers not only play with toy blocks for children. They also provide children with appropriate proportions of auxiliary toys, such as people and cars. Such toys can provide children with ideas about construction projects (for example, a barn for toy cows) and encourage pretend play.

5. Combine block games with story time

Integrating Children Magnetic Blocks into the stories told to children is not only similar to "play house", but also allows children to give full play to their imagination and let them create some new scenes.

Magnetic Building Blocks

Magnetic Building Blocks