Are Magnetic Building Blocks Harmful To Children?

Nov. 13, 2019

Magnetic building blocks are now popular in children's toys today, but there are also many doubts that come with them. The following Family Toys Magnetic Blocks suppliers will answer these questions for you.

1 Is magnetic building block harmful to children?

Magnetic building blocks are harmless to children! However, it should be noted that magnetic building blocks are easily perforated if they are accidentally swallowed due to magnetic force. Therefore, it is not recommended for children to play, at least until 5 or 6 years old, to be able to distinguish toys and food, and not to put toys in their mouths. And should be accompanied by adults when playing.

2 What kind of children are magnetic blocks suitable for playing?

Magnetic Building Blocks were first introduced in foreign countries. Because this product can help children develop spatial thinking ability, simple shape and easy storage, it has become a hot-selling building toy after the block. Magnetic tablets, regardless of age, are loved by men, women and children. They can use their imagination and creativity in the game. They can use hands, eyes and brains through observation, thinking and action to effectively develop the coordination ability of the left and right brains and greatly increase the interaction between parents and children. Communicate with emotions.

Magnetic Building Blocks

Magnetic Building Blocks

3 Comparison of magnetic building blocks and LEGO

A Lego is a toy for children and adults. We all have the feeling that playing Lego, adults, especially dads, are better at building a stunning image with simple particles. The magnetic piece is more focused on the children's toys, bright colors, simple geometric figures, and you can build a very dazzling work.

b Lego granules are disassembled and assembled, sometimes not too suitable for the baby's hand, it will make it very painful; the magnetic piece hollow design is easier to grasp and disassemble.

c hollow design allows children to explore more in space construction. Including its squares, triangles, and hexagons can help children with graphic recognition.

d I think that the biggest interest of the magnetic piece is the magnetic force, which makes it more random than Lego, and it is dynamic, and the play method is also more varied. For example, children like to lay a magnetic piece of various shapes on the ground, and then pick up one piece and lift up one another. The other magnetic pieces randomly attract each other to form a beautiful building, and then shake it to transform it into a new one. building. In the process of construction, even a simple cube, it needs to rely on the mutual attraction between the magnetic sheets to support, the children will find it particularly challenging to find.

4 magnetic building blocks two points to buy advice First, if the family has a male treasure, then the first set of purchases with wheels is recommended. Because it is very likely that your child explores the magnetic film from the construction of various cars, chariots, cannons. Second, if you only enter one set, it is recommended to take a little more. Because the child's imagination is bursting, after they build a work, they may not be removed, but they will continue to add new parts.

The above is about some positive solutions by Magnetic Rod Building Toys suppliers for magnetic building blocks. Do you understand?