12 Games to Improve Your 3-year-old Baby's Intelligence

Mar. 23, 2020

Whether a baby is smart or not has always been the most important issue for parents. So what should parents do to improve the intelligence of a 3-year-old baby? In fact, moms and dads don't need to do anything special, they just need to play the following games with the babies to easily improve their intelligence! What exactly is it? Look at the introduction of 3D Magnetic Building Blocks Supplier!

Game one: play the ball

Objective: To cultivate the coordination of the baby's limb movements, expand the circle of friends, and cultivate their social skills. Mom and dad can pat, roll and pass the ball with each other, or pat the ball around the circle.

Game 2: Riding a Tricycle

Objective: To cultivate the coordination of baby's limb movements. Mom and dad can buy a suitable tricycle or small bike for the baby and let the baby play with the pedals.

Game 3: Continue painting portraits

Objective: To cultivate the baby's hand-eye coordination and fine hand movements, and improve the brain's thinking logic and imagination. Mom and Dad first draw an unfinished portrait, and then let the baby finish it.

Game Four: Paper Cutting

Objective: To cultivate the baby's hand-eye coordination ability and fine hand movement ability. Mom and Dad handed the baby a piece of paper, and then prepared the handmade scissors and glue to start the game.

Game Five: Color Concept

Objective: To improve the brain's intelligence through color stimulation to the baby's vision; and to improve the baby's practical ability and logical thinking ability by doing clip art.

Game six: building blocks

Objective: To develop the ability of the baby's fine movements and develop its rich imagination and creativity. Building blocks are one of the simplest educational toys. Babies can use them to build houses, build walls, and play with cars, animal toys, and dolls. In addition to building blocks that can be used to develop your baby's imagination, you can also use them to learn shapes, compare sizes and numbers, etc. You can also use Brain Development Toy Magnetic Blocks to give your child a space concept.

Magnetic Blocks

Magnetic Blocks

Game Seven: Puppet Show

Purpose: Letting your baby watch a movie can not only improve your baby's hearing ability, but also help her language development. If you have time, take your baby to watch puppet shows. Because the puppet show is based on cartoon characters and presented with short and intensive stories, the babies like it very much. When watching a puppet show, the baby not only listens to his ears, he also imitates some interesting lines in the play to learn to speak, and can learn a lot from the play.

Game eight: classification match

Objective: To improve your baby's mathematical logic ability. Instruct your baby to categorize different types of cards and place them on a piece of paper.

Game Nine: Classified Activities

Objective: To improve the baby's mathematical logic reasoning ability. Give your baby all kinds of small things, take one out and let him find one of the same kind. Only by grasping the details and clarifying the differences and similarities can the baby successfully complete it.

Game Ten: Recognizing Shapes

Objective: To improve the baby's mathematical logic reasoning ability. In life, parents can teach babies to recognize geometric patterns.

Game eleven: dress trick

Objective: To cultivate the fine movements of the baby's hand so that the baby can dress independently. 

Game 12: Size Concept

Purpose: To improve your baby's logical thinking ability. You can take your baby outdoors to collect objects of various sizes, such as large and small shells, stones, pine nuts, buttons, cans, and so on, and then let the baby pack according to size.

The above are 12 games listed by Safe Large Magnetic Rods Manufacturer that can improve the intelligence of 3-year-old baby. Have parents learned it? Come and play with your baby!