Funny Toy Magnetic Builders

●Build colorful structures with strong, safe large pieces

●ZBOND promotes STEM skills, imagination and creativity

●ZBOND magnetic pieces can hold 60x their own weight!

●All ZBOND sets are compatible with each other

●Building set includes 50 pieces and a colorful building guide



Zbond Magnetic Builders have red, yellow, green, blue and other colors, pure color, can help younger babies to recognize the color, help the baby's visual development.

Have four advantages


All products have passed the national 3C certification, using food-grade environmentally friendly plastics, safe and reliable, quality assurance, please rest assured to buy and use.


Dad, mom, and friends can all participate and play together. It can better cultivate parent-child relationship and let the baby learn to share with others, and cultivate the ability of the baby to communicate and cooperate in the process of sharing.


The smart toy specializes in inspiring intelligence and developing the right brain. The product has the ability to cultivate cognition, concentration, creativity, memory, imagination, exercise hand-eye coordination, promote sensory integration, and enhance spatial awareness.


Zbond Magnetic Builders can meet the needs of all aspects of the baby, but also meet the needs of babies of different ages, from easy to difficult, from general to special, diverse functions, rich play, and multi-level.

Funny Toy Magnetic Builders