Magnetic Building Blocks for Children

Zbond magnetic building blocks adopts ultrasonic welding technology, which makes the product smooth and sleek. The joint position of the product is seamless. The package of the magnet is not exposed. The design of the rounded corner makes the product smooth and easy to hold for kids. So that the children can enjoy themselves and make them have a happy childhood. 

Zbond Magnetic Blocks are purely diverse in color, and the  Magnetic Blocks of the same shape have different colors, which can make the children's spelling styles have different visual experiences, and it is very good to cultivate the baby's color recognition ability.



Magnetic Building Blocks for Children

Magnetic building blocks, built-in magnets can be easily connected, at the same time more healthy and environmentally friendly, lighter, and more flexible, safe, fun, and entertaining are the basic requirements of building block games. The magnetic building block is a very classic educational toy. It not only has the function of playing but also develops the baby's right brain to a certain extent and exercises the baby's intelligence. Therefore, building blocks are destined to become evergreens in the toy market. Today, building blocks are still one of the more popular toys on the market. The Zbond magnetic building blocks are simple to play and affordable, making them the most popular toys for parents and friends. Over time, the design of building blocks has become more diverse, making consumers more selective than before.

Magnetic Building Blocks Quick Details:

Material: Plastic and strong magnets

Type: Block Set

Style: Construction Toy

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

Brand Name: Zbond

Model Number: MKS15-ZB-02

Product size: 29.5*21.5*19.5cm

Carton Size: 61.5*45.5*43cm

QTY(set/carton): 8

Age: 3+

PCS: 42

OEM: Accept

Colour: Multicolored

Certificate: EN-71, ASTM

Care and clean: Wipe clean with a Dry Cloth

Packing & Delivery:

Selling Units: Single item

Single package size: 29X21X17 cm

Single gross weight: 1.16 kg

Package Type: Plastic box with the sticker label, Plastic box with Gift-Wrap or Color box

Delivery time:






Est. Time(days)




To be negotiated

How to play magnetic building blocks?

Understanding the stages of things

1. Recognize color

2. Recognize graphics. Many magnetic building blocks have a hollow design, which allows children to recognize various graphics, but also recognize the size and thickness.

3. Image recognition, cats, dogs, dogs, etc. can be carried out in combination with real objects, which is more helpful to children's ability to recognize things.

4. Digital recognition

5. Recognition of operation symbols Graphic combination, two triangles can form a square, two semicircles can form a circle, and so on.


You can perform simple mathematical operations and classify things. Break up the magnetic building blocks and let the children classify according to certain emotions, such as animals, furniture, weather, etc., to train the child's ability to summarize and summarize.

Use magnetic building blocks to create various shapes

1. In the beginning, you can guide your child to use a variety of graphics to display from the simple things that already exist.

2. Let your children use their imagination and creativity.

The significance of magnetic building blocks for children

Inspiration Wisdom:

1. Exercise hand-eye coordination

Children need to use their hands dexterously when stacking wood, so it can promote the development of fine movements. Stacking scattered bricks into complex objects can also exercise hand-eye coordination.

2. Cultivate observation

Objects such as houses built by children are actually common in life. They must first learn to observe and then use the magnetic building blocks to show things observed in daily life during the process of playing. Observation develops unknowingly.

3. Cultivate communication skills

It's better to let the children build blocks with other children, this is more fun than playing alone. In addition, magnetic building blocks together and inspire each other, so they will play more seriously, which is also good for developing children's ability to get along with others.

4. Know the geometry:

The shapes, sizes, and lengths of the blocks are different. Children can distinguish geometric shapes, such as cuboids, cubes, cylinders, and so on. Standard blocks have a certain size and proportion, and children can perceive different shapes, proportions, sizes, thicknesses, heights, lengths, etc. of the blocks during the fiddling process.

5. Construction space concept:

Children love building beautiful buildings out of blocks. When building, he must imagine the position of each block in the building, and then place each block in the most appropriate place. This is the basis of the sense of space.

6. Establish scientific thinking:

The magnetic building blocks embody many mechanical principles. For example, the stability of different building blocks is not the same, and the stability is not easy to collapse. When building a house with blocks, children will gradually realize the relationship of balance and symmetry. Before building blocks, children must have a plan, what to build below, and what to put on top. These are all great for cultivating scientific thinking.

magnetic building blocks

【What You Get】Total 80 Pieces with 2 Cars, 36 squares, 12 triangles, 2 Isosceles Triangle,  2 Trapezoid,  2 Pentagon, 16 Insert cards, 1 Ferris Wheel. An idea booklet included for your easy reference to build various kinds of models.

【Safe And Durable】 Our product has been ASTM certified and are also CSPIA compliant. We always put safety as our first priority. All magnets blocks use high-quality original ABS material, and the rainbow color pieces have been through the ultrasonic process for better tightness, perfectly prevent breaking apart. Make it safe for the child with smooth hand-feeling.

【Keep Kids Away from the Screen】 If you're like me, concerned kids that too much time is spent in front of a screen, whether television, computer, tablet, phone or the like, this product will hold their attention while building coordination skills and critical thinking. So many different things kids can do with these.

【Great STEM Learning Tool for Children】Magnetic blocks set can help children develop in science, technology, engineering, mathematics. It is a very good educational toy for children,as well as a great STEM toy to play at a family! You will enjoy these magnetic blocks as an adult too.

【Great Gift for Boys and Girls】Please believe me, this is the best gift for children. They will love it. The possibilities are endless. The good thing about this toy is it can be for girls and boys of all ages. Even teens can have fun with them. 2 different random colors on each side of each magnetic tile. Kids can learn colors, shapes while having fun.

How to choose building blocks for your baby?

Different choices for different ages

0-1 years old: suitable for playing with colorful cloth blocks

Children before the age of 1 have not yet formed the concept of space in the true sense. The standard hexahedrons, which have a certain texture and conform to the principles of mechanics, are not very meaningful to them, so it is best to choose interesting blocks. Such as cloth magnetic building blocks, it is soft, with bright colours, as well as animal or fruit patterns, so that children can perceive colour, recognize objects, develop touch, etc., and do not have to worry about hard blocks hurting children. Of course, if such toys are not prepared, dolls, stuffed animals, books, etc. can also play these roles. Babies like to put everything in their mouths, so whether they are wooden blocks or cloth blocks, they must be safe and non-toxic.


1-2 years: Lightweight magnetic building blocks

Children more than 1-year-old are developing spatial awareness and are beginning to be taller. Even if there are no building blocks, they like to pile everything together and then happily watch it fall. If you draw on the blocks? There are decorations like puppies, kittens, or dolls' homes, and children will enjoy playing more. Because the child's physical control and hand-eye coordination are not very good during this period, choose lightweight building blocks to prevent the children from being injured when the building blocks collapse. The building blocks should not be too large for children to grasp.


2-3 years old: suitable for playing standard-sized blocks

Children over 2 years of age have developed spatial concepts, language, thinking, and imagination, and their hand movements and hand-eye coordination have been enhanced, allowing them to do slightly more complicated things. At this time, you can choose standard bricks for him, for example, two semicircles exactly match into a perfect circle, and the length of two short bricks is exactly equal to one long brick, and so on. Such building blocks can give children more creative and expressive space.

magnetic building blocks

How to induce children to play with magnetic building blocks?

Demonstrate playing blocks for children

First, give the child a demonstration of building 3-4 blocks, let him imitate the building, praise him for each additional piece, and slowly increase the child's curiosity and interest.

Build an easy building block for your child

Use large blocks first, then smaller blocks, or magnetic blocks in order to ensure that he is easy to succeed, so that the child will not feel frustrated when playing, which will help to generate interest for the child.

Find ways to get kids interested in magnetic building blocks

If the child is not interested, you can take 2-3 pieces first, and only let him take the last piece. If necessary, grab his wrist and let him take it. When he has finished, praise him immediately, and let him push it down as encouragement.

Teach children to play with Zbond magnetic building blocks

You can teach him hand in hand, and then switch to language learning to build 3-4 blocks. In order to consolidate the results and maintain interest, the child can continue to practice the ability of hand-eye coordination to build high objects. If the magnetic building blocks are replaced with chess pieces, small bottle caps, hardback books, cans, etc., he can also be taught to build a small bridge or pyramid (3 blocks on the bottom, 2 blocks in the middle, and 1 block in the upper layer), or in the small, A star was posted on the wall above the table and he played the game "Let the little monkey take the ladder and pick the stars" and so on.

If you are interested in Zbond new magnetic building block toys set, pls feel free to contact us. 


Q1: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

A:   We are a manufacturer with more than 10 years of manufacturing experience in magnetic toys.


Q2: Can you provide a sample for checking? What is your lead time for samples?

 A:  Of course,  the sample usually will be shipped out within 3 days, but the customers have to pay the sample cost and the courier cost. We will return the sample charge if you are satisfied with our products and place the order for us later.  


Q3: Can we print our own logo on the products? Use our design or your design for us?

A:   OEM/ODM order is greatly welcome, we'll strictly design the products you want to make you satisfied. 


Q4: How long is the production time for a big order?

A: It will usually 15-35 days to finish production, The specific time mainly depends on the order quantity.


Q5: How can you ensure the products' quality?

 A: We have a professional QC team, which monitors from material purchase, semi-finished products, assembly to packaging and delivery. Also, our products own CE, EN71, ASTM, CPC certificate.


Q6: How can we check our goods? 

A:   You can arrange QC to check by visiting our factory, or ask Third-party testing agency to check, or check by picture and videos simply. 


Q7: What's your payment term?

A:   Usually 30% deposit, the balance 70% before shipping for mass shipping; If we cooperate better in the future, it will be better.