What are the magnetic blocks for kids?

Magnetic building blocks are different from ordinary bricks. The materials are generally plastic and have different shapes. There are magnets inside the building blocks, which can be arranged or combined differently using the attraction between the magnets. Magnetic blocks come in various styles, which can develop children's intelligence, can be built into houses, and various animals. In the process of playing with building blocks, children recognize graphics and learn to classify correctly. Improve their thinking ability and promote their intellectual development. Different magnetic toys can be used to build a variety of colorful three-dimensional scenes with different colors. Changing different parts can quickly create more imagination space.

Are magnetic building tiles safe?

Each building block (except the ball) has a special magnetic structure, which can quickly connect with other parts and quickly rebuild. When a part is close to another part, you can obviously feel the magnetic tiles adsorption force and experience the wonderful force feeling brought by the magnet.

The content of the magnets inside the building magnetic blocks are extremely small, so there is no need to worry about the harm to the children. The quality of the magnetic building blocks for kids is also high-quality, very safe and reliable.