STEM Educational Magic Wands

Zbond Magic Wand Let your kids design borderless, design and build any imaginable 3D graphics

Zbond Magic Wand Suitable for STEM education and creative toys over 3-12 years old

The soft and flexible construction boom of Zbond Magic Wand is flexible, twisted with a buckle and has a durable aluminum interior.

Zbond Magic Wand can fully cultivate children's psychological cognition, hand-eye coordination, problem solving, space awareness, fine motor skills, etc.

The Toy Set contains over 100 design guides to help your child get started and inspire your child's imagination.



Art: By handing bars with 13 different colors, kids get better acquainted with the concept of colors and lines, and their artistic understanding is enhanced.

Creativity: Creativity development is promoted by making various objects using lines, planes, dimensional objects and curves.

Development of large, small muscle: Through stimulation of the hands to bend,wind and connect, it develops not only large, small muscle, but also exercise function, such as adaptability of the eyes and hands, and the sense of equilibrium and the like.

Analytic thinking: Playing with magic wands let kids promotes analytic thinking ability. Because it helps them understand and concept of line, dimension, space and plane.