Flexible Folding Magic Wands Toy For Toddler

Zbond Magic Wand offers endless architectural possibilities for kids: it comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and connectors to suit your needs. Children can create so many creative structures with colored sticks, such as butterflies, trucks, flowers, tables, chairs, tables, glasses, etc. You can find endless architectural possibilities here. Architectural masterpieces can also be attached to the green board.

Zbond Magic Wand is very good for exercising your child's brain: small building enthusiasts can learn to build with their own hands, and they build with their own thoughts and minds. This is a great way to express yourself and make their imaginations full of fun shapes and curves. Giving children the opportunity to stimulate their imagination and learning skills while encouraging them to use their innovative mindset is a fine motor skill and open game.



Art: By handing bars with 13 different colors, kids get better acquainted with the concept of colors and lines, and their artistic understanding is enhanced.

Creativity: Creativity development is promoted by making various objects using lines, planes, dimensional objects and curves.

Development of large, small muscle: Through stimulation of the hands to bend,wind and connect, it develops not only large, small muscle, but also exercise function, such as adaptability of the eyes and hands, and the sense of equilibrium and the like.

Analytic thinking: Playing with magic wands let kids promotes analytic thinking ability. Because it helps them understand and concept of line, dimension, space and plane.