Durable Toy Magic Wands

Spatial intelligence

Zbond Magic Wands cultivates the shape and space of the baby's cognitive color lines, allowing the baby to learn while playing, and improve the baby's cognitive ability while unknowingly playing.

Kinetic intelligence

The image of each square of Zbond Magic Wands is intuitive and colorful to attract the baby's attention. The baby can do it himself, improve his knowledge and memory.

Logical intelligence

Zbond Magic Wands can develop the baby's specific thinking ability to promote the baby's communication ability and other baby's interaction, and enrich the children's childhood good life.

Communication intelligence

Zbond Magic Wands can let the baby play with hands, can imagine a variety of shapes and buildings, open the baby's thinking, cultivate the baby's intelligence, and develop baby's creativity.



Art: By handing bars with 13 different colors, kids get better acquainted with the concept of colors and lines, and their artistic understanding is enhanced.

Creativity: Creativity development is promoted by making various objects using lines, planes, dimensional objects and curves.

Development of large, small muscle: Through stimulation of the hands to bend,wind and connect, it develops not only large, small muscle, but also exercise function, such as adaptability of the eyes and hands, and the sense of equilibrium and the like.

Analytic thinking: Playing with magic wands let kids promotes analytic thinking ability. Because it helps them understand and concept of line, dimension, space and plane.

Magic Wand